Hot Pot Restaurants in Melbourne Trends You Absolutely Must Try in 2021

What is hotpot food 

Hot pot is the famous traditional Chinese food cooking method well known as steamboat food. Hot pot food has 1000years of significant history in China and originated from China itself, that’s why it is termed as a home for hot pots. Hot pot food cooking is an ancient technique for preparing food. It is an interactive meal in which diners are enclosed with a simmering pot of soup and add various raw rich ingredients like seafood, meat, vegetables, tofu, by cutting them into small pieces for easier cooking. Diners can add whatever they like to the bubbling fluid. 

It was an approach to keep warm while eating simultaneously together. Do you want to taste this traditional Chinese food? No need to go to China or somewhere else to have it or taste it, here in Melbourne we Happy Lamb provides the same type of hot pot food. Keep scrolling for knowing different types of hotpot food that we are providing in our Happy Lamb restaurant.  

Trending hot pot food styles across the globe 

Though the hot pot food style came from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and some other border countries of china are also well known and familiar with hot pot and this Chinese food. Within China, only almost 30 different varieties of hotpot are there and every hot pot food has a unique eating style. Now, this Chinese hot pot food style is spreading across the world rapidly. The good thing is people from different countries are liking this Chinese sole food method process. 

The main differentiation between hotpot styles in China is that among North and South: though the North is more centered around the meat, the South is more centered around the spice and rich seasoned soup. 

Although it enormously relies upon individual preferences of what one considers the ‘best hotpot, here we’ve recorded and listed here different styles beneath that are by and large popular and famous across China and somewhere else.

Vietnam Seafood soup 

This is the Vietnamese version of hot pot-made seafood. The main ingredient for preparing this food style is a variety of seafood like fish, tofu, fish sauce, prawns, and mussels. This Vietnamese seafood has a unique specialty in making, this dish is placed in vessel-type hollow structural steel metal. The pots are set over hot charcoal, and the blazes go up the chute to warm the soup in the external piece of the cooking vessel.

Rainbow trout hot pot  

This one is also a traditional Vietnamese hot pot dish believed to have originated from the sapa region. The main ingredients of this delicious dish are sturgeon and rainbow trout.

The rainbow trout and sturgeon have been cultivated in the district since 2005, and these days they’re a piece of a nearby claim to fame that is especially well known during winter. This communal dish is appreciated by cooking bits of fish in the hot stock

Taiwan hot pot

This Taiwan hotpot is unique and has more variety than any other hotpot dish because it does not have any particular order recipe. Taiwan people used to take this in winter and especially in the rainy season and cold weather. The final output of this hot pot is broth, for making this happen they add different food items like pickled cabbage, Chinese herbs, milk, pork bones, and bonito. The final output should be dipped in sauce before going to consumption.

What we happy lamb hotpot restaurant offering

There are a lot of hotpot recipes in our restaurant. Here we are pasting some of the hotspots which one is more liked by our beloved customers.

Traditional bone broth, spicy broth, tomato flavor broth, triple favor soup broth, and double favor broth. 

Lots of incredible delicious broth is available here whenever you head to our restaurant they will wish on our menu. 

Why Happy Lamb hotpot restaurant 

We have highly skilled, expertise and specialized chefs on hotpot, they know how to make your favorite hotpot broth perfectly. After stepping inside of our restaurant different types of hotpot methods will welcome you.  

         β€œHappy lamb is a land of hotpots waiting for your order”